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Choose the ideal Ipswich hotel for your wedding or conference

Choosing a hotel for a conference Ipswich, wedding Ipswich or special event is no easy task. Ipswich has a wide range of hotels to choose from, so to help you decide we’ve put together a handy guide on how to choose the perfect hotel for your event.

When choosing your hotel, it’s important to select somewhere that is situated in a convenient location. You don’t want your wedding guests or clients getting lost or having to travel miles, so it’s vital to ensure your chosen hotel is in a central location and accessible via all major transport links.

Ipswich Road is located just off the A14 and is just 10 minutes away from Ipswich railway station. Ipswich road also has many pubs, bars and restaurants ideal for clients or guests who are staying overnight.

When planning a wedding or conference, it’s important to select somewhere which can accommodate your guests/clients properly. If you are having a small, intimate wedding, you won’t want a large function room: it’ll feel empty and cold. On the other hand, if you are having a big, extravagant wedding you won’t want a tiny reception room where guests are made to feel squashed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to select a hotel which offers a variety of different function rooms to choose from.
Top quality hotels often have conservatory and garden areas which overlook the picturesque countryside, ideal for wedding photos.

Awards & Ratings
Many people believe you should select a hotel with a high star rating, but this is not always the case. Star ratings are often based on the facilities a hotel has to offer, but you don’t always need a state of the art gym, spa, swimming pool and golf course. If you are organising a conference, you will want a hotel which has a comfortable, stylish corporate function room, friendly staff and perhaps a good quality restaurant where clients can dine after the meeting.

Many three star hotels have also received tourism awards. There are a wide range of Visit England and AA awards, such as the Green Tourism Business Scheme, which encourages businesses to be environmentally friendly.

Wedding Packages
Many hotels offer wedding packages to suit the budget and style of wedding you’re planning. This can be extremely convenient, particularly if you are trying to arrange a wedding with a small budget. Getting an astronomical bill once the celebrations are over can be particularly unpleasant. Choosing a hotel wedding package will mean your ceremony, wedding breakfast, entertainment and bridal suite is included in one fixed price.

Book your wedding, conference or special occasion at an Ipswich Road hotel today and host your event in style.

Claydon Country House is a Best Western hotel situated on Ipswich Road. The hotel has a high quality restaurant and function suite that is ideal for weddings, conferences and special occasions. Visit their website and book your event today.

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Ensure your business has a productive team with corporate cookin

Ensuring you have a productive team of staff is a continuous goal for many business owners in today’s society. In London alone there a hundreds of team building activities to choose from; however it’s important to select an exciting task that will inspire and motivate your staff.

Team Building London
In the past, team building activities were unheard of as businesses would only create teams for one-off projects. Nowadays teamwork is used daily by a wide range of organisations. Hundreds of employers believe effective teamwork is an essential factor in running a successful business.
Team building activities are not just about having a day out of the office. Many tasks are relevant to specific business sectors and designed to inspire and teach your staff new techniques, improving your workforce.

Several employers tie in a team building event with their staff Christmas party, but why wait until December? Activities such as corporate cooking classes allow your staff to participate in a fun and exciting task before enjoying a gourmet meal in a private, stylish dining space.

>]Corporate Cooking London
Corporate cooking classes are ideal for both team building and client entertainment. Cutting edge kitchens used by top chefs and luxury, privatised dining areas offer a unique and exciting activity for corporate hospitality and team motivation.

Across London there are many cooking schools offering a wide range of classes with Michelin Star chefs. A hands-on cooking activity and top quality dining experience will impress your clients and build key business relationships. You can also personalise your event with branded aprons and gift boxes from the cookery school shop.

Corporate Events in London
A versatile kitchen and dining area is a perfect marketing platform for all food related press events and products launches. Let expert event organisers and a top quality team of chefs create luxurious bespoke menus and formats that suit your brand and add impact to your PR campaign. Mouth watering seasonal menus, company branded cocktails and unique cooking challenges will make your corporate cooking experience an activity to remember.

Corporate Gifts
Impressed with your team of staff? Reward them with a Gourmet Gift Card, a flexible gift which can be used to purchase a cooking class or a variety of high quality cooking utensils from the school’s shop.

Latelier des Chefs is a London cookery school offering a wide variety of classes ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Visit their website for more information about corporate cooking events.

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The changing moods of St Tropez: villas in the South of France

St Tropez is the perfect place for a luxury south of france villas holiday. It is simultaneously up-market and rustic, traditional and modern. It has some of the best beaches in the South of France, and while it is bustling and dynamic in summer, it becomes a quiet seaside town the rest of the year. It is a celebrity hotspot with good reason – it is simply a fantastic place to be.

When people think of St Tropez, they think of celebrities, yachts and multi-millionaires. But the town is so much more. Yes, there are luxury villas, but they are not just for the super-rich. St Tropez can be the perfect destination for a family holiday in South of france villa, with its rich history, beautiful architecture and balmy climate.

There’s no getting away from the fact that St Tropez is virtually synonymous with celebrity and glamour. In July and August the town’s population increases dramatically, and it is certainly possible to see big name stars in places like the nightclub Les Caves du Roy. It is thought that much of the town’s international reputation comes from its association with Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s. Her 1956 film, And God Created Woman, was both controversial and a huge success. It was set in St Tropez.

The modern face of St Tropez belies its historical roots. For centuries the town was a sleepy fishing village, beloved by artists such as Paul Signac, Matisse and David Hockney. Visiting outside mid-summer allows modern visitors to see more of this side of the town. The cobbled streets and pastel painted houses are lovely, and the locals can be seen playing boules and drinking in the cafes. In late September a regatta is held, attracting a veritable flotilla of yachts and boats, while in winter an ice rink is set up in the square. The area also has some wonderful beaches, even compared to others in the South of France.

With regards to accommodation, renting a luxury villa fits perfectly with the atmosphere of St Tropez. There is a huge range available, from rustic farmhouses to modern, terraced estates. Many have swimming pools, air conditioning, sea views and even personal chefs.

As the mood in St Tropez depends what time of year you choose to go, it is a town that caters to a range of tastes. Its balance of nightlife, history, beaches and fine restaurants means there is something for everyone.

Palmer & Parker offer villa holidays in luxurious and exclusive locations, from the South of France to the Caribbean, including 21 in and around St Tropez. They provide a highly personal service to make sure your holiday is as perfect as it can be. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Ensure your car is in good condition with Schrader valves

Tyres often get damaged and become flat. However, you can sometimes prevent this from happening. Schrader valves and tyre pressure monitoring systems help keep your tyres in good condition.

Schrader Valves
Schrader valves, often referred to as American valves, are a brand of pneumatic tyre valve used on nearly all vehicles across the globe. The word ‘Schrader’ derives from August Schrader who created the tool in 1844. As well as cars, they can also be used on bicycle tyres and have a ‘poppet valve’ design which is assisted by a spring.

Schrader valves have a wide number of uses. They are often used on air conditioning and refrigeration systems to allow servicing. However, their main purpose is to seal high pressure containers.

Other Valves & Tools
Suppliers of specialist tyre maintenance and repair tools can provide a wide range of valves to suit your tyre’s needs and requirements. Tubeless valves are designed for all tubeless motor and bicycle tyres. All tyre valves can become damaged by dirt or get worn out if the tyre or motor is being used frequently, so it’s a good idea to replace them regularly.

When fitting your new valve, ensure you have the right tools for the job. Specialist websites offer these tools at affordable prices. Handy four-in-one valve tools are priced at just £2-3. The four-in-one tool includes a core extractor, valve key, and internal and external valve thread tools, which can be used to change a calve in your tyre.

Double ended valves keys are ideal tools for tyre fitting. These plastic ended keys have one end for larger, commercial tyre valves and another for all other standard tyre valves. These convenient tools are ergonomically designed, compact and easy to use.

Tyre Pressure Monitors
Tyre pressure monitor sensors are electronic systems designed to monitor tyre air pressure. These days, tyre pressure has a large influence on the safety and efficiency of motor vehicles. When first designed, tyre pressure monitoring systems were a luxury, optional feature mainly used on higher end, expensive cars, but nowadays they are important diagnostic equipment for all vehicles.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems are essential for ensuring your tyres maintain the correct air pressure. Under-inflated tyres force cars to use more fuel and are the cause of many motoring accidents. Maintaining the correct pressure in your tyres ensures they last longer and adds higher quality stability, handling and braking efficiencies, providing a safer, enjoyable driving experience.

Many online suppliers of specialist tyre parts and tools offer a wide selection of tyre pressure monitors. Take a look today and ensure your car is safe and efficient.

Young AutoMotive Direct are distributors of tyre maintenance repair products and workshop consumables for the motor industry in the UK. Visit their website today to view their extensive range.

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Fall in Love with Food in a London Cooking School

Cooking should never be a chore. Cooking classes in London make learning new culinary skills and recipes a fun, sociable experience and can change the way you eat forever.

Life in London is a fast-paced, never-ending list of things to do, people to see and places to visit. Unfortunately food tends to become merely a fuel for this rush of everyday life, with less and less time to cook and relax over a delicious home-cooked meal.

A pre-packaged sandwich at the desk while working has replaced the lunch break, and evening dinners revolve around tasteless ready meals, unhealthy fast food, takeaways or meals out. We pay a heavy price for these convenience foods. They are expensive, often tasteless and never as enjoyable as our own cooking. Add to this the uncertainty over where ingredients have come from, the high salt and calorie contents of convenience foods and it becomes obvious why Londoners have fallen out of love with food.

Fortunately, cooking workshops are available on your doorstep, aiming to not only teach new recipes and culinary skills, but inspire and reignite your passion for cooking. The fun, hands-on classes offered by cooking schools are led by enthusiastic chefs who are on a mission to show that convenient doesn’t have to mean tasteless. They want to prove that cooking a meal after a long day in the office doesn’t have to be a chore and can be a great way to unwind, improve your culinary skills and spend time bonding with the ones you love over delicious food.

London cooking classes often have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and, although they are led by some of the world’s best chefs, you do all of the cooking! Attend on your own, with friends, family or even colleagues in a class on your lunch break. You’ll work with likeminded people to create a delicious menu of sweet and/or savoury dishes, which can be enjoyed after your class in a dining area. Learn a multiple course, globally influenced menu (Italian, French, Mediterranean or Indian, anyone?), perfect the art of macaroons or homemade pasta, or create a quick, light lunch in a 30 minute cooking class.

As the experienced chefs in London cooking schools will tell you, cooking begins in the heart. Learning how to create your favourite foods in a themed class is by far the best way to fall in love with food and learn new culinary skills and recipes which can be recreated time and time again at home. Of course, convenience is still key, which is why some London cooking schools offer individual classes rather than lengthy courses. You will also be given a choice of class themes, lengths, times and days to fit in with your tastes and lifestyle – many schools even hold classes on weekends.

Learning how to cook fresh, delicious and convenient meals in a cooking workshop in London can change the way you eat forever. You’ll never settle for a TV dinner again!

L’atelier des Chefs have two prestigious London cooking schools in Oxford Circus and St Paul’s. Their classes are taught by professional chefs who are more than ready to share their passion for great food.. Browse L’atelier des Chefs’ cooking classes.

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